What Is Death???

Sometimes I question myself, “What is death?”Is it something that happens when we permanently cease our breath? Or is it what our holy mythological books describe? That the soul leaves the body and in the greater power it imbibes! Some of them believe we die to be born in the mortal world again, while some give theories which even they can’t explain! But don’t we die when we lose our morals and forget our ethics?
When we commit a crime destroying god’s aesthetics! We behave like demons, leaving the actual living nature, harassing or killing someone and increasing our fake evil stature! Our body may look fine outside, but the soul inside is dead. Grief and destruction of friends and family is the thing that lies ahead! Or don’t we die when within us our identity is lost? And in the sea of uncertainty, our existence is tossed!
We live without dreams of doing things that we never desired. Sacrificing our thoughts of living in a way which we always aspired! Living up to someone else’s expectations, choking our own. Inside we die waiting for someone to hear our moans! Or maybe we perish when all our hopes are shattered when the happiness of our lives into pieces is scattered!
Gradually all the motivation from our life disappears, so to the path of depression, the vehicle of our life steers. The person may laugh outside but inside he is crying, it becomes even more difficult to ask for help when the spirit is dying!
We die many times before we face actual death, but it’s up to us to revive ourselves or lay our wreath! Just like games, our life also has the option to respawn. No one knows about rebirth, but in this life, I believe we can be reborn! A little belief with a pinch of happiness can help us pass a terrible phase because life has everything, only we can decide what we have to chase!

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