Rana Zaman

My love letters
Rana Zaman

I wrote my first love letter as a teenager
Ah, what a love letter that was!
Every line of the letter was decorated with popular poems
The letter was not given to her for which it was written

After that a lot of letters have been written in my mind
I could not create an environment like writing on paper

I came to study in varsity and fell in love
I would keep my hands on hers and
keep my eyes on her and get lost endlessly
There was no need to write a love letter

Many years later I sat down to write a letter again
Cutting my finger I write the last love letter in blood ink
Tears welled up in my eyes as I wrote this letter
But I could not melt the lover’s mind
And then he is happy to be in the arms of others

Sometimes I remember those two love letters
There was no reason to write another love letter

I write a poem to my wife on wedding anniversary.

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