Life — Ranesh Ray

Bangla Sahitya

Life is  a bliss
An endless joy
We do not miss.

Just a sip of coffee
Fetches the honey
Dances the bee.

Life is brief
In a tree
It is a leaf.

Nobody knows when
When the bell rings
Still the bird sings.

Life does not lie
We have to fly
Fly over the sky.

It is time to ride
Up and down the hill
To ride against the tide.

Life is a fight
Fight in the life
The Sun shines bright.

Life is a pleasure
In a cold world 
It is summer.

Life is a way  long,
a path to walk on,
Right from the dawn.

Life is an ocean of Gem
Sink deep beneath
To collect them.

Sip a cup of coffee
Swim in the sea
Sea of joy calls me.

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