Humanitica Powareta

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When he woke up in the morning, Margaret was shocked to see Sussen’s missing. He doesn’t usually do that. What happened to her today? Doesn’t she love Margaret anymore? Such various thoughts kept coming to his mind. Then he went out of the palace and saw his wife Sussen looking at the palace of Suryanagar. The look of sadness on her face, like a huge regret. Margaret asked Sussen, “Why are you here all of a sudden?” If I had such a palace! Can you make me the owner of that palace? King Margaret was silent for a moment. Then he said, “Why are you attracted to that palace, even though we have a huge palace?” Sussen said, what did you give me? Just seeing your heroism and bravery, my father married you to me. An incompetent husband like you should not be given to anyone as a punishment of hell. “I will fulfill your wish” said Margaret. He knew that fighting King Aziz of Suryanagar and occupying his palace was not a word of mouth. He became quite worried. The next day he gathered all the members of his army. King Margaret of Kalganj had a large fighting force. At that time, if you wanted to fight, you had to give legal notice to the opponent. He did it. The battle started on time. Many soldiers were wounded and killed in the fierce battle between the two sides.

After 5years endless battle

Emperor Aziz with his super force is ready to capture Kalganj. Emperor Aziz had a special kind of army who did not usually take part in any general battle. Their name was Ultimate Super Force. However, when he set out for the opposition camp with the intention of fighting, he heard that the king of the opposition was very ill. He thought that with Margaret’s illness he might be able to take over the whole of Kalganj, but that would be inhumane. So he decided that he would not attack the enemy’s camp until King Margaret recovered. The war was postponed. As the days go by, Margaret is getting sicker and sicker. Margaret faces death. His wife no longer dreams of owning a beautiful palace. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, a man came to the camp of Kalganj. He is a saintly man. He said to Margaret, “My lord, if you allow me, I can heal you, God willing.” But one condition, I will come every night and give you medicine and leave again at night. It is not possible for me to come here during the day. Margaret agreed. After agreeing, the saint gave her medicine and left. It went on like this. Daily: The saint’s father used to
come to the king and take medicine and leave. One day King Margaret recovered. Sussen’s joy knows no bounds. The saint said, “Since you are completely healed today, I do not need to come here from tomorrow. I will not come here from tomorrow.” Saying this, when the saint came in front of the door of the army camp to go, Sussen took the saint’s hand. Said, Mr. Darbesh, I have got my husband back for you, you are not going to be let go without knowing your identity. The saint went to Margaret’s room again. He went and said, My lord, I can’t tell you how to take me after I introduce myself to you. Then listen, the main leader of the opposing party against whom you started the war, your main targe, I am Emperor Aziz. Margaret and Sussen are both surprised! Sussen was very embarrassed. Margaret immediately said, “How can I fight against you anymore? I don’t have the power to wield a sword against the one for whom I got my life. He could not help but tell Emperor Aziz about his wife’s wishes. Sussen cried this time. Aziz said, “My sister, if this is your hobby, you could have told me about it. Maybe the palace could not be your parmanently, but I would have arranged special honors for you.” What was the need for so much bloodshed? Eventually peace came between the two sides. The war ended forever. Now Sussen goes to Aziz’s palace whenever she wants. He has a good relationship with Tahsina, the wife of Emperor Aziz. There is endless happiness and peace for both of them.

So more or less, beggest or smallest, every problems has an easy and safe solution. We, the human should not forget that,”If there is humanity, man is omnipotent”

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